Who We Are

What Is ViTurity…and why you need to join the movement today…

ViTurity is not a website, but rather a movement. A movement comprised of men who refuse to go into the dark night of aging quietly. A movement of men that have decided they aren’t going to accept a life rife with the symptoms of aging. These common symptoms include: sleeplessness, muscle loss, low energy, reduced sex drive, depression, poor decision making, and reduced overall function. If you’re experiencing any of these…ViTurity is a good first step to start feeling better. The ViTurity mission is simple—to help men achieve Vitality in Maturity, by providing members/clients an opportunity learn from experts about the affects aging has on mature men (ages 35-50), and ultimately, how to fight back and turn back the clock. ViTurity is a resource dedicated to members by providing them with scientific information presented directly by leading experts designed to assist them as they seek an individualized course of action to combat aging. Members will have the opportunity to purchase age specific supplements, get direct advice from leading age management experts in the field and have a forum to discuss sensitive and complex situations that affect your home and work life.

Leading experts in the field author the content provided by ViTurity, and regular guys like you that have taken the steps to address the negative affects of aging. The content includes the latest up to the minute scientific information as it relates to aging in men. We realize there is a stigma associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and it is a separate mission of ViTurity to change this message and advocate for age management solutions. Up to now, most of the information has been comprised of negative characterizations propagated by incomplete research studies. (Site…heart attack and prostate research). Through discussion and presentation of scientific research, ViTurity’s message will work to undo these characterizations, which have become mainstream in both the medical community and on the street. HRT, if done correctly, and under supervision of experts can improve the lives of millions of men. This is good news for families, employers, and most importantly to the men themselves as they discover and recapture a missing vitality that is no fault of their own and plagues each and every one of us.

  1. Provide correct / scientific information in regards to our topics

  2. Provide resources to have our clients questions answered.

  3. Provide opportunities to directly contact experts in the field

  4. Provide an arena where complex and sensitive topics will be discussed with out judgement as we ourselves have experienced them

  5. Provide skills / information / tech / to make the correct changes in their life

  6. Provide a online shop to purchase items that will help them in this journey

  7. Provide a forum where our clients and talk to each other to gain from each others experience

Meet the ViTurity Team

Alex Vrancich

has spent the past 20 years in the medical device industry. His experience centers on the manufacture, care and handling and the repair of surgical instruments. Alex has lectured extensively throughout his career and has authored numerous articles in both human and veterinary trade publications. His work history has included purchasing, operations, direct sales, management and executive leadership. Alex has always focused on writing and lecturing and has spent much of his career in airports and hotels. Alex has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the UK to work closely with customers and manufacturers. He currently serves as Director at Everost, overseeing both domestic and international sales functions.

Alex studied at The Ohio State University, graduating in 1993 with a BSBA, with a focus on marketing and finance. His passionate pursuit into the world of health and fitness began in earnest in 2011, when at the age of 41, Alex found himself weighing in at 284 pounds (5’9”). It was then that he decided to make a change for the better and began a journey to reclaim his vitality. Alex considers himself a human guinea pig, as he is always experimenting to find out what works best for him. His mission is to help others to unlock their hidden potential and take control of their lives. Alex is now 45 years old and in the best shape of his life and is the proud father of two boys, Benjamin (20) and Jack (15).

Michael Crosby

is a successful entrepreneur who has spent the last eight years running a small agricultural farm operation and a local charity that provides winter outerwear to elementary school kids in the area. His success in the technology sector has allowed him and his wife Christine to raise their two children, Michael and Malena (10-year-old twins), and be involved in almost every aspect of their lives.

Prior to being a stay at home dad and hobby farmer, Michael was a founder at Turning Technologies, LLC – a world leader in interactive learning technology. Michael co-founded Turning Technologies with two others in 2001 and spent most of his early years as a lead developer in Turning’s flagship product, TurningPoint. As Turning grew, Michael had a strong desire to expand his role in the company and took the position of Vice President of Operations where he was involved in virtually every aspect of the company. At the end of Michael’s tenure at Turning, he was Vice President of Strategic Initiative where he looked for young companies who provided products that could compliment Turning’s existing products in either a partnership or acquisition.

Michael’s experience includes executive leadership, software development, product management, new product research and development, systems administration, ERP implementation, intellectual property protection (including patent applications and trademark filings), team building, sales, marketing, customer service, and warehouse operations. Michael was also responsible for designing the interior layout of Turning Technologies 30,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Youngstown Ohio.

Michael studied at Youngstown State University with a focus on Computer Information Systems and Business.

Steven Villagomez

is an integrative physiologist who uses advanced diagnostics combined with his experience on strength and conditioning and nutrition to develop a personalized plan that is at the heart of preventive care. Each tailored plan encompasses the individual needs in all aspects of lifestyle and partners with doctors to ensure your goals are meet. In addition to his work at the Phlex NYC, Steven is a clinical instructor and an assistant professor in the Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition graduate program at Long Island University.

Steven received a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of San Antonio. There he worked in pediatrics, studying motor development in special needs children. He received a Masters in Education from the University of Texas, Austin, specializing in exercise physiology. Throughout his education, he gained his experience in a human performance lab, as well strength and conditioning programs for University of Texas Longhorns.